5 of the Greatest Places to Visit in Africa

Africa has been one of the top summer trends over the past few years. Following celebrities and bloggers, we invite you to travel over this mysterious continent and suggest five must-see places as you have landed in Africa.


The journey to the ancestral home of humanity is one of the most extraordinary experiences. Many people go to Kenya for this very reason - to set foot on those paths where Homo Sapiens appeared. Also, it’s a great chance to visit the center of the world as the equator line passes here.
Everyone will find something to do in this country: go on a safari and see the "big African five", spend the night visiting the tribe Masai, find out how rubies and diamonds are mined.

Cape Town

An impressive harbor with white beaches, colorful houses, lush Victorian mansions make Cape Town one of the most colorful cities on the African continent.
There are many attractions in the city: museums with antique collections, the 350-kilometer “Garden Road” - a route of nature reserves and charming provincial towns, and one of the seven natural wonders, Table Mountain, towering over the city.
You should not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting the Cape of Good Hope and admiring the convergence point of two oceans - the Indian and the Atlantic. Don’t forget a good journey is impossible when you still have a list of things to do. Before booking tickets, make sure, you have finished your essay tasks by finding assistance after comparing different writing services like Oxessay.

Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a world center for windsurfing, with beaches and music as its main strengths. The wide and deserted sandy beach is perfect for romantic walks and meditation. For those who adore extreme, the island of Fogo with an active volcano will be a good time spending. If suddenly your groupmates text you regarding important essays with short deadlines, you may solve this problem immediately with expertwriting.org reviews where you can choose the top-rated service in order not to spoil your vacation. Searching for the best platform is extremely important for getting a high score, that’s why you should spend some time looking for people’s opinions like assignment geek reviews.
By the way, Cape Verde is the center of fado and morne music, sad but very soulful. On the islands of Cape Verde, both children and old people sing.
Victoria Falls
After Niagara, Victoria Falls is considered to be the most famous waterfall in the world, its sound can be heard 50 km away. The most wonderful and unforgettable sight in Africa is easy to explain logically: the powerful Zambezi River, which flows over a flat basalt slab in the valley, suddenly and abruptly falls into a narrow crevice from a height of 100 meters. The waterfall is very wide, therefore, falling from such a height, it creates noise and fog.
Vineyards of South Africa
Not everyone is aware that South Africa is the eighth largest wine-producing country in the world. The 300-year-old South African vineyards are especially famous as the birthplace of the white Chardonnay and Riesling. You need to go there not only for the light and sweet aroma and taste of Riesling, but, above all, for the scenery. The city is located in a valley surrounded by mountains: they are so high that their peaks are lost in the fluffy clouds of South Africa.
Perhaps someone will think our list lacks the Kruger National or the Blyde River Canyon (the world's largest overgrown canyon). And we’ll agree as there are very many interesting places to see in Africa!