Number One College in Africa

The process of university overview is common for every school student who wants to get higher education and learn particular skills. If you’re one of those who want to become a professional in a particular niche in Africa, scroll down below and learn more about the best college on the continent, Cape Town University.


This college settles in Cape Town, South Africa. It is the #1 educational institution in Africa. Moreover, it’s 121st in the list of the US News Best Global Universities, which is great. For instance, the University of London locates one step higher in the list.
It locates on hills with a breathtaking viewpoint on the Table Mountain national park. The educational institution is famous for its position against the apartheid system. Nowadays, it is a multinational and multicultural college that provides top-notch education to 29 000 students.


The UCT was established in 1829 as an educational institution for boys. It was a modest school until 1880. When people discovered crystals and gold in the North, the need for well-educated engineers for mining has increased significantly. The institute turned into a fully-fledged university in 20 years thanks to the commercial support.
At the time of apartheid, the college accepted a low quantity of black learners despite the racial segregation. After the apartheid era, the number of black learners is increasing every year.


If you decide to enter the UCT, you should confirm your English proficiency, as it is the foremost requirement. If you’re an international student, you should submit a valid TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE certificate.
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Teaching and Learning

The university provides a large variety of majors. Therefore, you can choose one that matches your requirements and grow into a niche-leading specialist.
The UCT is doing its best to remain the #1 position of colleges in Africa, and increase its world ranking by accepting international students to build a multicultural community.

Student Life

There are more than 100 communities. For instance, 17 academic societies help those students who experience any problems with education and ask their friends, “Is there anyone who can I pay to do my assignment?”
Also, there are more than 40 sports clubs like yachting, water polo, archery, martial arts, etc. Therefore, UCT is a great educational institution if you’re an active student who doesn’t like waste time playing video games or watching TV shows. Also, you’re free to create your community and gather like-minded students.

Final Words about UCT

The University of Cape Town has a rich history that started almost 200 years ago. Being a small school for students, it developed into the #1 college in Africa. Therefore, if you want to become a top-grade specialist and communicate with people from around the globe every day, UCT is the best choice.