OWA Consultancies

Each one of these OWA consultancies assumes that human potential is limitless and that the goal of faciitation is to assist others in switiching on lights in mental and spiritual corridors that have been made dark and dormant through not knowing the nature of the potential of the individual and the community.

OWA Consultancies are rooted in the humus that constitutes the best traditions of all people's culture.


OWA consults in the areas of Professional Development; Curriculum Design; Instructional Design; Capacity Building; Leadership and Change

Here is a list of OWA Eduction Consultancies:

    • Unity University College (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)
    • University Community Academy (Atlanta, Georgia)
    • Vancouver Offshore School Group (Vancouver, Canada)
    • Advanced Generations School (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)
    • The African American Academy (Cincinnati, Ohio)
    • National Parks Service
    • Atlanta Regional Council for Higher Education
    • University of Minnesota, Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change
    • Morehouse College, Howard Thurman Papers Project
    • Georgia Council for the Arts
    • Georgia Humanities Council
    • National Education Association (Washington, DC)
    • Head Start (Detroit, Michigan)
    • Head Start (Fort Valley, Georgia)
    • Georgia Department of Education
    • Atlanta Public School System
    • OWA-Online: Georgia Department of Education Professional Learning Units offered by OWA to Georgia Educators
    • “How to Develop an Online Academic Journal.” Presentation to the United Negro College Fund Institute for Capacity Building.”
    • Critical Thinking and Technology Training: National Education Association—
    • Consultant to Curriculum Project, "Sweet Auburn," sponsored by the APEX Museum (135 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia)
    • Program Consultant for the APEX Museum, Atlanta, Georgia
    • Head Start (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Khepera Method Conversations

Institution Building

Writing and Digital Storytelling

Cultural Heritage Preservation